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“The Other Side” – Blog #2

brilliart BTS day 3 (65)

So I came to a startling realization…our DP, Brad Nguyen, looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Psy. You know. The guy that does that Gangnam Style song.

The similarities are so close, it's bizarre.

That’s him with his awesome wife, Julia. What’s funny is that our director, Tengah, actually that it was Brad pictured on the right. Now, every time any of us see Psy on tv somewhere, like on Ellen or the VMAs, we always tell Tengah “Oh my god, did you see Brad on Ellen last night?!??” Okay, it’s not that funny. You know what is, though?

This is. (click it. image courtesy of

Anyway, we just wrapped up the third day of shooting. One thing I’ve noticed about filmmaking is that it’s a lot of hurry-up-and-wait. Oops sorry, we used that term a lot in the military. What I mean is, you rush rush rush around, trying to grab everything you need for the day on set, get out there and set up, and then…you sit around. And wait for sound and lighting to get settled. And then SHOOT! And shoot more! And then wait for makeup to fix and retouch. And then MOAR shooting! And then wait for something else. It’s a good thing all of us working on this project are such good friends, though. We never run out of things to talk about.

Pictured: Stimulating conversation.

One thing of note: when shooting a movie where you have actresses and actors dressed up in questionable attire on a questionable street, take care not to alarm the neighbors so they call the police. This cop pulls up on the street we were filming on. Doesn’t say anything. Just. Sits there. He’s there for like a minute, and then he turns around and heads off. Later, when I left to go pick up food for the cast and crew, I see him sitting around the corner. Just. Watching. Very creepy. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we were minorities.

No officer, we're waiting for the bus.

Thanks to Heather, our make up artist (pictured above, left), for stepping up! One of our extras cancelled last minute, so Heather volunteered (actually, more like volun-told, but she was a super good sport about it) to fill in for us. Of course, she didn’t bring any clothes with her, but Natalie, our lead, and Melissa, one of the other girls, ransacked their wardrobe and actually came up with a really nice outfit. Yay for girls that are the same size! Check out Heather and her work at HA! Make Up & Hair Art.

Seriously. They're rad. (photo by Janet Quirarte)


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