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Friday there was much preparation to be done on the upcoming Finder’s Keeper’s webisode. From Makeup, to wardrobe, to all the important film equipment that was vital in the webisode’s success. The Brilliart crew made sure to have all the proper equipment and checked that all the lights, cameras, and batteries were accounted for. Everyone arrived at the shooting location which was on a massive amount of land and perfect for what we were looking for to succeed delivering this shoot; furthermore, It was a gorgeous day perfect for shooting.


The set became quiet as the first scene was being shot. In the beginning there were some mishaps such as a slip and a fall, a broken prop, but determination and a conquering spirit drove the Brilliart production to greatness.


The extras were prompt and ready to work, as the scenes were shot with great detail. Although some shots were already premeditated, others were conjured up by a moments inspiration and proving innovation, heart, and ambition. “It is better to have all the imagination in the world and a couple of dollars in your pocket, than an unlimited fund of money and not a single original idea in your head”.



As the sun was setting and the day was winding down and the episode wrapped up, I saw the cast and crew talking and laughing amongst themselves and I knew this was a great day–a great shoot, and a moment in time i would never forget. A very special thank you to the cast, crew, and everybody that contributed to making this webisode possible. Lastly, a special thank you to Kenzo, the hardest working little pomeranian in show business today.



-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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