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Tips to have a great professional headshot

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The first impression is always important. Whatever your profession is, in order to promote yourself or your business, not just having a nice photo of yourself but having a great headshot is an essential step to give you an advantage over others. With help from professional photographer, you can achieve a great portrait of your own identity which people can identify with and remember you by.

Corporate Headshot Sample


Please consider these following tips before going to the studio for your headshot. These tips will help shorten the process but enhance the quality of your portraits greatly.

1. Clothing- Keep it simple

  • Mid tone colors work best
  • Avoid stripes, prints, too-bright colors, all-white, and distracting logos etc.
  • Avoid a trendy tie or outfit unless that is synonymous with your profession, and you are willing to have another headshot done every time styles change.
  • Avoid seasonal colors.
  • If you know what background’s color you want to be shot with, try not to wear the same color.

2. Hair – Fresh haircuts are good, but give them a couple days to look just right.
3. Time of day -Don’t schedule your business portrait appointment for the early hours. You may have slightly puffy eyes, and need to do a re-shoot. Conversely, a late afternoon business photo may mean a 5 o’clock shadow.
4. Jewelry/glasses/accessories – If you normally use glasses, then you should wear them in your portrait. Jewelry should be kept minimal, and not be distracting from the star of the show… YOU!
5. Facial expression: Try different expressions, and see which you prefer. You will probably want to appear strong, but approachable. Smile from within!!!
6. Double Chin- One of the best ways to get rid of the appearance of a double chin is to remember the turtle. Lean forward a bit, stretch your neck out just a little bit (think of the turtle sticking his head out) and then raise your chin just slightly. Try it in the mirror to see how much is best for you.
7. Yourself: Get plenty of sleep the night before, eat healthy and light the day of the shoot to avoid feeling bloated or hungry. Drink enough water to keep your lips moisturized.


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