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MSD Dog Commercial


It was a relaxed day even though the Building was filled to the brim with cats and dogs. The animals were supplied by Van and Julia. There was restless Skipper, the cat that wasn’t too keen on the big bright lights of show business and what Hollywood had to offer. Kenzo was all over the place scampering and scurrying. And Mai was hesitant at first but with a little coaching from Van she was ready to rock and roll.


We set up the lighting and a single idea had progressed and evolved and was becoming animated before my very eyes. We were shooting two commercials today. A champion rises and the the original MSD commercial. It really is a different experience when shooting animal. You turned the camera on and put a light in their face and they  looked at you like “ What do you want from me”? I forgot their animals were not trained actors. Both shoots took a little time and a lot of patience. Brad, Tengah and Van did a Fantastic job handling the animals.To me those three have a superior amount of patience. And  in the very end we got all the footage that was needed. The fun part was giving the animals voices and a kind of personality. Watching how the voices and the animals incorporated together is something really awesome.



1P5A9363-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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