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Ninja Baby Commercial

As the day began to wind down, the actors arrived. The girl that would be playing the ninja was getting coached on how to use the sword properly and the male lead was getting what wardrobe  he needed for the shoot, and then we were off to the races.

We arrived at the location which was a gorgeous park just down the street. We set the lights up and began to place the actors in position. We had a couple onlookers wondering what a 4 foot ninja was doing wielding a samurai sword? But all went well until the male lead had to shave.  That was an entirely different story because the gas station razor did not live up to the hype. Literally, it would have been more sufficient to give the actor a rock to shave with.

Van went to get a real razor and came back with razor and shaving cream in hand. At first, the shaving cream was stuck but with a little can-do attitude, the can was fully operational.  The actor shaved and we were ready to rock. However, as the actor started looking for a towel to dry his face, there was none to be found. Some one really dropped the ball on that one.  So the actor had to use one of the camera operators’ sleeves, After a few minutes, we got the last shot that we so desperately needed. Ben said to see words and scenes he wrote come to life before his very eyes was something truly special.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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