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As I walked into the building I saw Tengah and Van diligently working on the decorations for tonight Music Box show. Van was practicing her lyrics and helping Ben revise the script. Brilliart was setting up the decorations for the live show and it was going splendid. At the end the set looked really great with music notes and hearts all over the place. The team started setting up the camera’s,lights, and audio. Cause as we all know that is key. So everything was on it’s way. Then the nerves started kicking in for Van and Ben They both could be seen rehearsing, Van her singing and Ben his monologue then Scott showed up and Ben and Van caught him up on certain song changes he adapted pleasantly quick  They started to get a rhythm, a rhyme, and they started  feeling real fine.

Then you heard  a voice in the distance say  three two one and the show had kicked off Ben at first was a little shaky even a little robotic. I talked to him later after the show and he said that the notes he had were holding him back. It was good to have an outline but to follow every word verbatim was unnatural to him. He had to use the information mix in his own special brand of awesomeness and create something special. In the middle of the show he said he ditched the dummy card and had fun with it.

Van and Scott were really good together. They really do complement each other. Van overcame her nerves and scott should be called iceberg because he was as cool as ever. They got through the music catalog  beautifully. Ben ended the show Scott played a song to take us home and then silence. It kind of was hauntingly beautiful in those couple of seconds It’s kind of soothing and unnerving your mind races on everything that just transpired. We had shot our second show in a row and wrapped it with a big red bow. A special thanks to the crew and the guys behind the camera because without them the show could not be possible.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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