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Yoplait Commercial Blog: Springtime is the Right Time

We started off the day by  getting all the equipment together two cameras, batteries, sd cards, etc… The actress arrived, her mother was getting her dress and her hair ready for the Yoplait commercial. Julia was very busy transforming Van from a young lady to a life sized bunny with awesome results.

Then, Tengah asked Ben to get the white gloves out of the prop box to complete Van’s costume. Ben looked all over with the whole Brilliart Family and the gloves were nowhere to be found. It was as if the gloves grew little legs and ran away. Ben had contemplated there had been a theft and Van was his top suspect. It  was later disclosed that the gloves along with an entire costume had been left at a recent shoot. Van was cleared of all charges. The whole Brilliart family packed everything and got Motivated for the commercial.

The sun was shining,  the birds were singing a symphony of songs, and  the cast and crew were ready to lay this commercial down.  It was an awesome day for a shoot, so we set up  and began at once. Tengah and Brad looked around the set for the best well lit shots with lots of greenery, and Julia was touching up Van’s makeup. We positioned the strawberries, limes, and blue berries, very strategically in the wooded areas even making it look like limes were growing of a tree. The little actress did a fine job even with the grass being uncooperative and capturing her shoe a couple of times. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Justin pointed out some fantastic areas that were very helpful and vital to the shoot. After everything was said and done, Brilliart successfully completed another shoot.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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