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Brilliart Films Grand Opening 2013


Brilliart  celebrated its grand  opening in a spectacular fashion. We had a chance to showcase our new DIY infinity wall  and all of our past and present projects in photography and videography. It truly was a timeline of awesomeness and great memories.The guest arrived and the Brilliart family welcomed them with open arms.



The guest were accommodated with a variety of great food, free professional headshots, and Brilliart gift bags filled to the brim with goodies. And a raffle for a chance  to win a free professional photo session. Brilliiart spared no expense hiring Houston’s top rated pianist to enchant  guests.  Brad and Tengah, two co-founders of Brilliart, did an especially exquisite job hosting and mingling with the guests. When i talked to Ben he said it brought him utter joy to watch Tengah work the worm and turn on her charm. “So very few people can effortly do that.”



The guest all enjoyed themselves and were very interested, captivated,  and enthusiastic about  Brilliart’s body of work, they couldn’t stop asking questions about the companies future, and the Brilliart family was more than happy to answer them all. The event was a crowning achievement to have all friends and colleagues stand before as the two co-founders cut the cherry red ribbon to officially open Brilliart.


Brilliart has truly come into its own and will only get bigger and better as time progresses. Brilliart showed the guest something very different, and very special. I see big things for Brilliart in the future, the best is yet to come. A very special thank you  to the entire Brilliart family without whom this grand occasion could not have been possible. Justin wasn’t available for questioning he was busy editing and working on upcoming Brilliart projects. His work ethic is the  epitome of what Brilliart stands for.




-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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