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Virgin Holidays Commercial

When Tengah called me in her office and told me we would be pursuing a Virgin Holiday commercial and the the subject matter would be burlesque. I was thrilled, I had just been introduced to burlesque a year ago and I have become a great admirer of it. I  liked the style and the classic look it has. It truly is beautiful form of art.  The creative process for the Virgin Holidays commercial was A little challenging to come up with at first. But  it was our mission to make it original, smart, and, unique  and not raunchy or cheap, this commercial had to be done right and Brilliart was up to the test. So it took a few days but we finally had a outline for the shoot and Tengah did a superb job  hiring the talent, all the ideas were tying together and something awesome was forming.


Combining  all these ideas and seeing them involve into something real, was very special. The lighting had to be perfect, we wanted to project an exotic illuminating feel to compliment the model’s choreography. The model gave a titillating performance and really lost herself in the shoot with Brilliart capturing it all on camera. The music was a very major part of the commercial, we thought to ourselves, should we go modern or should we go with a classic touch? When it comes to burlesque we believed a more slower tempo and a more relaxed sound would accentuate the commercial we didn’t want to make this look like a music video . With the help of an patriotic hat and a wooden frame we bent the borders of reality and turned it into fantasy with fantastic results.


With great enthusiasm and an opened mind, Brilliart took this Virgin Holidays commercial and had fun with it, we did what we knew was good. Going with our killer sense of style and savvy know how. The  commercial looked good, it sounded good, and are vision for the commercial was an  all around success.  In the end all the determination and hard work paid off with Virgin Mobile selecting the commercial for their online ad.



-Written by Bentura Mendoza-


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