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6 instant ways videos can help to grow your business

Video has become an effective marketing tool for every business. Because people love watching videos, it’s easier and faster to grab attention from a target group of audience. Beside television commercial, there are several other ways that businesses can use video to promote their products or services.

1. Showcase your products or services
Nothing is more effective to sell a product or service than to see it in action. Whether you are a service business or retailer, people want to see how things work. The video should also highlight the features that help your company stand out from the competition.

2. Solve a problem
In many cases, people don’t realize a particular problem until someone else tell them. You can customize your video to help your prospective customers recognize a certain problem that your product has the ability to solve. Then, the video will become a very effective selling tool.

3. Product demonstration
When you do not sell tangible products, sometimes you need to help your clients understand your system that you use to solve customer problems. Product demos are great for selling technology products or targeting buyers of larger ticket items.

4. Train your customers
When you are selling a product which is either new to market, high tech or complicated, you need to train your customers how to get the best out of it. Video is the most practical and affordable training tool out there. Once your customers are happy because they can utilize your product at its best, they are more likely to become loyal and to refer more people to your business.

5. Customer reviews
Third party reviews of products and services are the most trusted on the internet. Video reviews can be used anywhere from YouTube to various business and beauty websites. You can also partner with trusted third parties to create product reviews for your own products.

6. Build rapport 
People tend to do business with someone they know or trust. Use your video to build relationship with your audience (who may become your customers later). Don’t try to be formal; just be confident and be yourself.


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