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8 Types of Video Marketing You Should Consider


Online marketing videos have become one of the most important channels to help promote businesses. Through the outburst of social networking as well as the power of sharing, a video might be able to reach millions of people. With the same probability, your promoting video will also be able to reach a large group of viewers or prospective customers.

The following are eight types of online marketing videos you should consider:

  1. Slideshows: This could be considered a low-cost/entry-level method of creating YouTube assets or simply a repurposing of presentation (PowerPoint slides, photos, shorter video clips) content that is converted into video. Could you expect this kind of video to go viral? Likely not, but it’s potentially a good start to increased search visibility for targeted keywords.
  2. Product Demonstrations: Product and service demonstration videos are the best way to approach your potential customers directly from distance and answer questions that they may have. Such videos typically outline the value and benefits, show the key differentiating features and use a clear call-to-action that directs the customer to the next phase of the purchase funnel.
  3. How To / Tutorials: Serve an immediate (searched for) need while also positioning yourself or your brand as the expert on that subject matter. These videos will also help reduce return rates and calls to support lines because the customer will figure out how things work on their own.
  4. Case Studies and Video Testimonials: These videos play off the fact that, traditionally, people tend to trust their peers more than they trust an advertisement. So, it is a great way to gain customer trust.
  5. Social Videos: Although “social” is a potential value to any form of online video, these types typically focus a more intentional (with supporting budget) approach to viral activation.
  6. Video Vignettes: This kind of production can be effective in supporting a series of videos, or simply helping to create an impression/focus around an organizations’ culture and ideas.
  7. Video Scribing: This evolving, white-board animation methodology is effective in concise storytelling. It helps simplify and held longer attention span to a potentially long stories with various complexities.
  8. Branching Videos: This is an emerging form of interactive video that “branches” to other videos based on a choose-your-own-adventure model. There are some very cool things happening in this space in terms of analytics, publishing tools and engagement.

If you aren’t already doing any of this, you are pretty behind. Video is something you need to seriously consider as part of your marketing strategy, especially when there are many different styles or techniques you can choose to fit your strategy as well as budget.


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