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New Photo Package for Holiday Season

At Brilliart Films, we enjoy every moment of taking your photographs.We also take time retouching every possible detail of your photos so that there will be joy in your smile while looking at them.  This holiday season, we offer 2 special photo packages for you and your family.

Call us today to book your holiday photo session in advance. Limited availability may occur due to high demand.

Phone number: 832.657.1433


Package 1:  $49 ($295 value)

  • 45 minute in-studio session.
  • Up to 2 outfits/looks.
  • Professional photographed and retouched photos.
  • 6 high-resolution files of selected photos.
  • Private online proof album.

Package 2:  $79 ($395 value)

  • Up to 45 minute in-studio session.
  • Up to 2 outfits/looks.
  • Professional photographed and retouched photos.
  • 1 8”x10” print; 3 4”x6” prints; 2 5”x7” prints.
  • All free prints above are for one pose.
  • 6 low-resolution files of selected photos.
  • 15% off any additional print.
  • Private online proof album.

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9th Annual Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2013

Brilliart Films was very proud to host the 9th Annual Asian Pacific American Film Festival last month. This annual film festival is run by OCA Greater Houston, which is an advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans.



Despite the heat of Houston summer, the four-day festival attracted hundreds of fans, supporters, as well as movie lovers in the area. The community was well served with different kinds of films from documentary to story; and was also touch with different emotions – humor, happiness, sympathy, compassion and admiration… Those selected films helped addressing certain issues in our society. For example, A Village called Versailles (directed by S. Leo Chiang) was an incredible story of a little-known, tight-knit community fighting to regain justice and also not to lose their homes again. Or Post-Racial (directed by Tim Tsai) was a short pressing on the matter of racial stereotypes. There’re also stories about the gap between generations, the disadvantage of being minority, the pursue of American Dream, and so much more.


 The film festival was closed with an Art Night showcasing performances of young and talented local artists in Houston. Everyone coming to the event was entertained greatly and very much appreciated OCA’s effort of putting everything together for the good of the community. As a community’s partner, we cannot wait for what’s coming at next year’s film festival.

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Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Ad – the most watched Internet commercial of all time

In this viral video, a forensic artist draws women according to their own self-descriptions and a stranger’s. Unilever, Dove’s parent company, claims that the video has racked up more than 114 million views on Youtube and other video platforms.
“The ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign struck an emotional chord with millions of women who recognize that they are their own worst beauty critic,” Unilever said.

Released in April 2013, “Sketches” features San Francisco forensic artist Gil Zamora as he draws a number of women, sitting behind a curtain out of his view, relying exclusively on how they describe themselves to him.
He then produces a second set of drawings — invariably more flattering — based on descriptions provided by strangers who met with those women earlier. The video goes on to capture the subjects’ startled reactions upon seeing the resulting images.
Nowhere does the ad mention Dove as a product, apart for an appearance of its logo at the end.
Unilever launched a so-called Campaign for Real Beauty nine years ago in Britain to pitch Dove, a moisturizing soap, to “real women” in a world of Photoshopped celebrities and models.

Introduce New Business Identity Package

Business Identity Package

Business Identity Package

This month, we would like to announce a very special news, especially to business owners. We are glad to introduce the new “Business Identity Package” which includes most of our services. Now, you can take advantage of this special package with very special rate to have your business take off successfully.

In business, branding is very important. Let us help you create your significantly unique and impressive image for your business with these following tools:

  • Business logo
  • Business card & letterhead
  • Brochure/Flyer
  • Up to 5-page website
  • 30-second promotional video

You can customize this package to fit your best needs by choosing 3 out of those 5 services.

CALL US at 832.657.1433 for more details.

8 Types of Video Marketing You Should Consider


Online marketing videos have become one of the most important channels to help promote businesses. Through the outburst of social networking as well as the power of sharing, a video might be able to reach millions of people. With the same probability, your promoting video will also be able to reach a large group of viewers or prospective customers.

The following are eight types of online marketing videos you should consider:

  1. Slideshows: This could be considered a low-cost/entry-level method of creating YouTube assets or simply a repurposing of presentation (PowerPoint slides, photos, shorter video clips) content that is converted into video. Could you expect this kind of video to go viral? Likely not, but it’s potentially a good start to increased search visibility for targeted keywords.
  2. Product Demonstrations: Product and service demonstration videos are the best way to approach your potential customers directly from distance and answer questions that they may have. Such videos typically outline the value and benefits, show the key differentiating features and use a clear call-to-action that directs the customer to the next phase of the purchase funnel.
  3. How To / Tutorials: Serve an immediate (searched for) need while also positioning yourself or your brand as the expert on that subject matter. These videos will also help reduce return rates and calls to support lines because the customer will figure out how things work on their own.
  4. Case Studies and Video Testimonials: These videos play off the fact that, traditionally, people tend to trust their peers more than they trust an advertisement. So, it is a great way to gain customer trust.
  5. Social Videos: Although “social” is a potential value to any form of online video, these types typically focus a more intentional (with supporting budget) approach to viral activation.
  6. Video Vignettes: This kind of production can be effective in supporting a series of videos, or simply helping to create an impression/focus around an organizations’ culture and ideas.
  7. Video Scribing: This evolving, white-board animation methodology is effective in concise storytelling. It helps simplify and held longer attention span to a potentially long stories with various complexities.
  8. Branching Videos: This is an emerging form of interactive video that “branches” to other videos based on a choose-your-own-adventure model. There are some very cool things happening in this space in terms of analytics, publishing tools and engagement.

If you aren’t already doing any of this, you are pretty behind. Video is something you need to seriously consider as part of your marketing strategy, especially when there are many different styles or techniques you can choose to fit your strategy as well as budget.

‘The Other Side’ – a short film by Brilliart Films

Brilliart is proud to present its very first short film The Other Side which will be coming to a computer near you. It is now released on Brilliart Films Channel on Youtube. And for those who haven’t heard of it. The Other Side is a story of a teenage  girl’s attempt to do good for her mother. However, right wrongs in a very bad way.  Her choices will have consequences and the things she lost can’t never be retrieved. She will go to the edge and over, emotionally and physically. So  go on the journey with Sam in this gritty drama if you dare!  And see where the yellow brick road takes her. While you’re on our site on Youtube kick back and check out our other videos. From Skits to Shorts, you’re guaranteed to have some fun.


-Written by Bentura Mendoza-

6 instant ways videos can help to grow your business

Video has become an effective marketing tool for every business. Because people love watching videos, it’s easier and faster to grab attention from a target group of audience. Beside television commercial, there are several other ways that businesses can use video to promote their products or services.

1. Showcase your products or services
Nothing is more effective to sell a product or service than to see it in action. Whether you are a service business or retailer, people want to see how things work. The video should also highlight the features that help your company stand out from the competition.

2. Solve a problem
In many cases, people don’t realize a particular problem until someone else tell them. You can customize your video to help your prospective customers recognize a certain problem that your product has the ability to solve. Then, the video will become a very effective selling tool.

3. Product demonstration
When you do not sell tangible products, sometimes you need to help your clients understand your system that you use to solve customer problems. Product demos are great for selling technology products or targeting buyers of larger ticket items.

4. Train your customers
When you are selling a product which is either new to market, high tech or complicated, you need to train your customers how to get the best out of it. Video is the most practical and affordable training tool out there. Once your customers are happy because they can utilize your product at its best, they are more likely to become loyal and to refer more people to your business.

5. Customer reviews
Third party reviews of products and services are the most trusted on the internet. Video reviews can be used anywhere from YouTube to various business and beauty websites. You can also partner with trusted third parties to create product reviews for your own products.

6. Build rapport 
People tend to do business with someone they know or trust. Use your video to build relationship with your audience (who may become your customers later). Don’t try to be formal; just be confident and be yourself.

Brilliart Films Grand Opening 2013


Brilliart  celebrated its grand  opening in a spectacular fashion. We had a chance to showcase our new DIY infinity wall  and all of our past and present projects in photography and videography. It truly was a timeline of awesomeness and great memories.The guest arrived and the Brilliart family welcomed them with open arms.



The guest were accommodated with a variety of great food, free professional headshots, and Brilliart gift bags filled to the brim with goodies. And a raffle for a chance  to win a free professional photo session. Brilliiart spared no expense hiring Houston’s top rated pianist to enchant  guests.  Brad and Tengah, two co-founders of Brilliart, did an especially exquisite job hosting and mingling with the guests. When i talked to Ben he said it brought him utter joy to watch Tengah work the worm and turn on her charm. “So very few people can effortly do that.”



The guest all enjoyed themselves and were very interested, captivated,  and enthusiastic about  Brilliart’s body of work, they couldn’t stop asking questions about the companies future, and the Brilliart family was more than happy to answer them all. The event was a crowning achievement to have all friends and colleagues stand before as the two co-founders cut the cherry red ribbon to officially open Brilliart.


Brilliart has truly come into its own and will only get bigger and better as time progresses. Brilliart showed the guest something very different, and very special. I see big things for Brilliart in the future, the best is yet to come. A very special thank you  to the entire Brilliart family without whom this grand occasion could not have been possible. Justin wasn’t available for questioning he was busy editing and working on upcoming Brilliart projects. His work ethic is the  epitome of what Brilliart stands for.




-Written by Bentura Mendoza-

Virgin Holidays Commercial

When Tengah called me in her office and told me we would be pursuing a Virgin Holiday commercial and the the subject matter would be burlesque. I was thrilled, I had just been introduced to burlesque a year ago and I have become a great admirer of it. I  liked the style and the classic look it has. It truly is beautiful form of art.  The creative process for the Virgin Holidays commercial was A little challenging to come up with at first. But  it was our mission to make it original, smart, and, unique  and not raunchy or cheap, this commercial had to be done right and Brilliart was up to the test. So it took a few days but we finally had a outline for the shoot and Tengah did a superb job  hiring the talent, all the ideas were tying together and something awesome was forming.


Combining  all these ideas and seeing them involve into something real, was very special. The lighting had to be perfect, we wanted to project an exotic illuminating feel to compliment the model’s choreography. The model gave a titillating performance and really lost herself in the shoot with Brilliart capturing it all on camera. The music was a very major part of the commercial, we thought to ourselves, should we go modern or should we go with a classic touch? When it comes to burlesque we believed a more slower tempo and a more relaxed sound would accentuate the commercial we didn’t want to make this look like a music video . With the help of an patriotic hat and a wooden frame we bent the borders of reality and turned it into fantasy with fantastic results.


With great enthusiasm and an opened mind, Brilliart took this Virgin Holidays commercial and had fun with it, we did what we knew was good. Going with our killer sense of style and savvy know how. The  commercial looked good, it sounded good, and are vision for the commercial was an  all around success.  In the end all the determination and hard work paid off with Virgin Mobile selecting the commercial for their online ad.



-Written by Bentura Mendoza-

The Music Box – Love Notes Blog

As I walked into the building I saw Tengah and Van diligently working on the decorations for tonight Music Box show. Van was practicing her lyrics and helping Ben revise the script. Brilliart was setting up the decorations for the live show and it was going splendid. At the end the set looked really great with music notes and hearts all over the place. The team started setting up the camera’s,lights, and audio. Cause as we all know that is key. So everything was on it’s way. Then the nerves started kicking in for Van and Ben They both could be seen rehearsing, Van her singing and Ben his monologue then Scott showed up and Ben and Van caught him up on certain song changes he adapted pleasantly quick  They started to get a rhythm, a rhyme, and they started  feeling real fine.

Then you heard  a voice in the distance say  three two one and the show had kicked off Ben at first was a little shaky even a little robotic. I talked to him later after the show and he said that the notes he had were holding him back. It was good to have an outline but to follow every word verbatim was unnatural to him. He had to use the information mix in his own special brand of awesomeness and create something special. In the middle of the show he said he ditched the dummy card and had fun with it.

Van and Scott were really good together. They really do complement each other. Van overcame her nerves and scott should be called iceberg because he was as cool as ever. They got through the music catalog  beautifully. Ben ended the show Scott played a song to take us home and then silence. It kind of was hauntingly beautiful in those couple of seconds It’s kind of soothing and unnerving your mind races on everything that just transpired. We had shot our second show in a row and wrapped it with a big red bow. A special thanks to the crew and the guys behind the camera because without them the show could not be possible.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-

Ninja Baby Commercial

As the day began to wind down, the actors arrived. The girl that would be playing the ninja was getting coached on how to use the sword properly and the male lead was getting what wardrobe  he needed for the shoot, and then we were off to the races.

We arrived at the location which was a gorgeous park just down the street. We set the lights up and began to place the actors in position. We had a couple onlookers wondering what a 4 foot ninja was doing wielding a samurai sword? But all went well until the male lead had to shave.  That was an entirely different story because the gas station razor did not live up to the hype. Literally, it would have been more sufficient to give the actor a rock to shave with.

Van went to get a real razor and came back with razor and shaving cream in hand. At first, the shaving cream was stuck but with a little can-do attitude, the can was fully operational.  The actor shaved and we were ready to rock. However, as the actor started looking for a towel to dry his face, there was none to be found. Some one really dropped the ball on that one.  So the actor had to use one of the camera operators’ sleeves, After a few minutes, we got the last shot that we so desperately needed. Ben said to see words and scenes he wrote come to life before his very eyes was something truly special.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-

Yoplait Commercial Blog: Springtime is the Right Time

We started off the day by  getting all the equipment together two cameras, batteries, sd cards, etc… The actress arrived, her mother was getting her dress and her hair ready for the Yoplait commercial. Julia was very busy transforming Van from a young lady to a life sized bunny with awesome results.

Then, Tengah asked Ben to get the white gloves out of the prop box to complete Van’s costume. Ben looked all over with the whole Brilliart Family and the gloves were nowhere to be found. It was as if the gloves grew little legs and ran away. Ben had contemplated there had been a theft and Van was his top suspect. It  was later disclosed that the gloves along with an entire costume had been left at a recent shoot. Van was cleared of all charges. The whole Brilliart family packed everything and got Motivated for the commercial.

The sun was shining,  the birds were singing a symphony of songs, and  the cast and crew were ready to lay this commercial down.  It was an awesome day for a shoot, so we set up  and began at once. Tengah and Brad looked around the set for the best well lit shots with lots of greenery, and Julia was touching up Van’s makeup. We positioned the strawberries, limes, and blue berries, very strategically in the wooded areas even making it look like limes were growing of a tree. The little actress did a fine job even with the grass being uncooperative and capturing her shoe a couple of times. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Justin pointed out some fantastic areas that were very helpful and vital to the shoot. After everything was said and done, Brilliart successfully completed another shoot.

-Written by Bentura Mendoza-